Life twirls on

There are few situations in life that can’t be improved by the arrival of a very pregnant Kenya Moore. Kenya waltzed into Cynthia’s party on the Real Housewives of Atlanta finale and I squealed like I was Lucille Bluth and she was Gene Parmesan. You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, and I honestly underestimated how crucial Kenya was to this show’s success. There are other issues this season — NeNe is having an ongoing breakdown, Shamari peaked when she vomited on Eva, Tanya is a simulation — but I have to believe things would have been better with Kenya around. I’m also confused as to what NeNe’s issue with Kenya is, because getting this worked up over an Instagram poll seems… misguided, to say the least. Then again, NeNe has never been the most logical or consistent with her grudges, and the subtext of her beef with any of the other Housewives is low-key always that she doesn’t want anyone coming for her peach.

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